Oculus and VRHealth to use virtual reality in healthcare

· 2 mins read

Virtual Reality that has always been used for gaming and advertising now brings a new dimension to healthcare. Oculus and health tech company, VRHealth are joining hands to use virtual reality to help patients manage pain during treatments.

The collaboration was announced during the Connect 5 developer event when Oculus announced its new Quest VR headset. VRHealth will use Oculus Rift and Go to help women in labor and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy deal with pain. The technology will also help patients stressing out before or after the surgery. The technology involves using “fun activities” to help people think positively and relax. The activities help patients get their mind off the current situation so that they can deal better with the pain.

While speaking about the technology, VRHealth’s CEO Eran Orr said, “Virtual reality has the power to ease the pain of chemotherapy treatment, create a seamless environment for physical therapy exercises, and train children with ADHD to focus their attention.”

The technology will use cloud-powered algorithms and artificial intelligence to gather insightful data that can be used to create environments that offer better experiences. Providers, patients, doctors and hospitals can access this data.

This technology is already being used in Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Stanford Sports Medicine, Mass General’s Sports Medicine Center, and Hoag Hospital Network.

We will keep you updated regarding the latest developments in gaming and non-gaming realms being offered by Oculus.