North to cease production of Focals AR glasses in 2020

ยท 2 mins read

North is a candian startup working on Augmented reality from investments likes of Amazon Inc. They are planning to cease the production of their smart glasses, Focals. The company has plans to focus more on the second generation glasses set to be released in 2020.

The company has revealed very few details on Focals 2.0. But they have confirmed that the smart glasses will be 40 percent lighter and sleeker than the previous model. The smart glass will be launched in 2020. The Focals 2.0 smart glass is also expected to feature a high resolution display. Assuming from the two teaser pictures released, the glass has a rectangular design similar to first generation Focals but with thinner arms. We have to wait and watch to know if the new smart glass will be a success.The first generation Focals did sell well in the market in 2019. After the company launched Focals in January, the price was reduced from 75,000 INR to 45,000 INR in a month.

There was also a lay off within the company, of around one hundred and fifty employees, which implies the company was not doing too well. They have also not revealed the number of units that they shipped, which also signals the bad state of the sales.