Nokia may launch Wear OS smartwatch at MWC 2020 Rumours on Wear OS and LTE to come

· 2 mins read

It looks like Nokia is all geared up for a comeback into the wearables market, with rumours that a new smartwatch may probably be launched at MWC. According to Phone Arena’s reports, Nokia is getting two smartwatches ready, out of which one may make its appearance at the company’s event on the 23rd of February. In-depth details on the features of the smartwatch are not yet available but the fact that the new Nokia smartwatch will run on the Operating System, Google Wear OS is almost certain.

From a Twitter source that was cited in the Phone Arena reports, it is revealed that Nokia has got clearance from Google to go for Wear OS. The Nokia smartwatch is also believed to have the option for eSIM support that will let the users manage calls using their existing phone number. Also, the smartwatch will have its own data plan so that it can be untethered from your smartphone. Nokia has always stood for providing its customers with an outstanding smartphone experience. Nokia was last known in the wearables market as the owner of Withings. And Withings had to pass through the hardships of rebranding all its old devices as Nokia. But Withings eventually split away from Nokia, which said, ” it didn’t see a way forward for its wearables and health tech”.

The company also attempted to make a smartwatch in 2013/14 codenamed as Moonraker. This project never took off and never saw daylight until some pictures and details emerged in 2018. Nokia’s entry into the smartwatch race is a bit late. But the LTE onboard is expected to give it commendable attention and demand. It will be worth the wait to learn if Google will give Nokia the liberty to build on top of WearOS, the way Google allowed Xiaomi to work on the OS for Xiaomi Mi Watch.