New Apple smart ring details revealed from the newly filed patent More details on potential smart ring uncovered

· 2 mins read

Apple is getting ready to introduce a new device into the wearable market. Apple is already dominating the wearable market with its efficient and feature-loaded devices. The newly uncovered patent suggests that a smart ring is on the way. Patently Apple has exposed the filing that is a continuation of older patents. The older patents were granted earlier this year and in 2015 in which Apple details a smart ring that will be able to interact with other devices.

Amazon has already launched its Echo Loop back in October and Apple’s smart ring will follow this to enter into the smart ring race. Echo Loop is used to control smart home devices through voice commands. It is highly unlikely that an Apple smart ring will have the same abilities. It will probably be, as described in previous patent, nothing but a smaller Apple Watch. By incorporating components like internal processor, wireless transceiver, a microphone and haptics, Apple’s smart ring named in the recent patent as ‘Wearable Electronic Ring Computing Device’, will be able to track your daily activities, listen to you and give feedback and more. As said before it will do almost everything an Apple Watch does for you.

We may have to wait for some time to get to know Apple’s smart ring because deductions from patents are highly speculative. The patents are basically potential plans for the future and there are thousands of such filings from the company. Apple in all probability will release a smart ring eventually. With nothing concrete besides the patents, we have no solid evidence or details to grip on to. Jewellery fans may have to wait a bit longer.