Nadi X: Smart yoga pants for the men.

ยท 2 mins read

The response from the world on the smart clothing line from Wearable X was quite overwhelming and this time Sydney based tech start-up is all set to launch Nadi X, a pair of smart yoga pants for the men.

Similar to the old one, in this pair also you will get the benefit of haptic and accelerometer sensors that will help you get better at yoga by providing gentle pushes to your hip, ankles and knee area to hold the yoga poses better.

Available in half X, stripe, and open knee options, the Nadi X will fit everyone ranging from XS to Large. Now, you can have a yoga instructor in a pair of yoga pants. Even better, the pants will reward you with level 1 compression for a safer workout session.

The iOS application links with the pants to give you information on your form and alignment which is extracted out of your movements only. It will also recommend you better yoga poses that will help you with your health.

Expert comments suggest that these are highly-impressive and one of the best and most reliable smart clothing concepts that have dawned in the market lately.

We are hoping to see the launch soon as there are a lot of men who like and gets intrigued by the idea of Yoga. With Nadi X every yoga session will be much more enticing.