Mykronoz Plans to Launch Two New Smartwatches For Christmas

· 2 mins read

Swiss-based smartwatch startup, MyKronoz is planning to release two smartwatch models by the end of this year – ZeTime 2 and ZePop. The ZeTime 2 is an updated version of the ZeTime. If you remember, this smartwatch raised 58 crore INR through crowdfunding although it didn’t get many good reviews.

ZeTime 2 is available in 39mm and 44mm case options. The 44mm Regular smartwatch has a fully rounded AMOLED touchscreen display with a 1.3-inch sized screen while the 39mm Petite model has a 1.05-inch screen. Both regular and petite models have a microphone with voice recognition support. The unique design of featuring mechanical hands on a digital watch face is retained even in the upgrade models. We’ve got to wait for the release to check if the screen quality and operating system are better than the predecessor.

The other features of the ZeTime 2 include a heart rate monitor, NFC, 3ATM water resistance, and compatibility with both Android and iOS smartphones. Both models come with batteries that can power the watch for up to 4 days in smartwatch mode and 60 days in analog mode. The previous model offered only up to 30 days battery power backup in analog mode.

The ZePop will also be available in Regular (44mm) and Petite (39mm) case options. The case is made of polycarbonate in both models. The Regular model has a 1.22-inch display while the Petite model has a 1.05-inch display screen, both with 240 x 240 TFT resolution. Both the models have an optical heart rate monitor, 3ATM water resistance and a 3-axis accelerometer, but don’t have the gyroscope sensor available in the ZeTime 2. The battery powers for up to 3 days in smart mode and 30 days in analog mode.

On the pricing front, The ZeTime 2 costs 17,000 INR, which is roughly around 16,500 INR. The ZePop is priced at 11,000 INR, which comes to 10,500 INR. So, if you are on the lookout for an affordable smartwatch, watch out for the release of these smartwatches this Christmas.