Moontrak: A fitness tracker revealing the sun and moon cycle.

ยท 2 mins read

Feeling bored already with the similar types of fitness trackers in the market? We have the news about a stupendous new wearable that adds new meaning to fitness tracking. Moontrak is smart enough to track your daily movements and knowledgeable enough to give you information on your sun and moon cycle. The unique finish and design of the device make it look like a jewellery which you can spot any day anywhere.

What it can do is let you know when the sun and moon enter your sign; customize it according to your zodiac sign and things like natal phase as well. If you are a believer in this field, Moontrak will fascinate you with its features.

Besides, there are LED lights that are used for notification which you can set according to your likeness. From colour to light pattern, it can be customized for alerts on sun and moon cycle.

When it comes to fitness tracking, Moontrak does not leave you disappointed as it can track steps, calories, sleep quality and distance also. Moreover, it comes with a smartphone application that gives you the mood tracking ability too.

The main motive of the developers was to let people know how the sun, moon, and zodiac cycles affect your everyday energy, sleep and activity levels. You can actually call this extremely smart for people who believe in the effect of sun and moon cycles.