MMT has identified a solution for self-charging smartwatches

· 2 mins read

Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) is working on a technology to build smart watches that will never need charging. The technology involves the use of solar panels to harvest energy. This Swiss-based company had helped in designing Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch and Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch. The new smartwatches using solar energy will have an ultra-low power module design.

MMT and its technology partners have conducted a study to prove that the solar-powered technology actually works. In the study, a solar PV cell was placed below a watch dial such that the light rays pass through the dial to fall on the solar cell. The study showed that the cell created a low output voltage. The solar battery can generate power for 3 to 4 hours on 1-hour of charging per day. This power supports smart features such as auto-time updates, notifications, step-counting, and sleep tracking without regular charging.

The challenge that MMT now faces is to incorporate this technology in a smartwatch depending on the module and software and make it completely functional. If this technique works, the result would be a hybrid smartwatch that never needs charging.

MMT has always been a pioneer in innovative technology in the field of wearables. It has launched an e-strap that adds features like inactivity alerts and fitness tracking to an analog watch and converts it to a smartwatch. We’ve also seen other innovative smartwatches like Matrix PowerWatch that uses body heat to charge the watch. In 2017, US-based startup LunaR launched a solar-powered hybrid smartwatch.

Most popular smart watches including Apple and Google face the challenge of powering smartwatches. The hybrid models currently available in the market have batteries that provide up to two to three days of charge. If MMT could come up with a solution to power a smartwatch for months using a standard coin cell battery, it will have a winning solution in hand.

In theory, MMT has identified a solution for self-charging smartwatches. If it can get the technology to work in real-time, we can look forward to using smartwatches that never need to be charged.