Microsoft Surface Buds in the Smart Earbud Space

ยท 1 min read

Apple AirPods are on the verge of getting some competition from the Redmond Tech Giant, Microsoft. The buds are codenamed ‘Morrison’ and are set for release later this year.

Surface headphones were released by the company last year and it is highly possible that these wireless buds will be branded as Surface buds. Cortana integration is available on the Surface headphones and so you might see it on the buds too. We do not have any specific information regarding their features though. The coming weeks and months may reveal more about these wireless buds especially since Thurrott reported that the Surface Buds may see the light of the day by 2019.

With Apple Airpods, Galaxy Buds and Amazon’s new hearables, the market of wireless headphones is buzzing. We for one can’t wait to get our hands on the wireless buds from Microsoft.