Microsoft Band Support to Shut Down

ยท 1 min read

Microsoft anounced that will be shutting down the Microsoft Health dashboard on the 31 May 2019. The companion smartphone apps will also be removed from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store.

So, all your data will be deleted on that day and if you want to retain your data, there are provisions to export it (Instructions are available on the Microsoft site). You can still use your Band to record activities and track sleep, but any feature that requires the companion app or Microsoft Health will not be available. There is good news for people with devices that are covered under Limited Warranty or you’re an ‘Active User’. Microsoft will over refunds to such users.

Eligible users will have to make the refund claim by 30 August 2019. Band 1 users will receive 6,000 INR, while Band 2 users will get 12,000 INR. What is surprising is the fact that the Band support lasted this long given that Microsoft discontinued the series back in 2016.