Meditate in Peace with the Muse 2 headband

· 2 mins read

Muse 2 is a brain-sensing headset from Canadian startup InteraXonis which is the follow-up to Muse. This portable electroencephalograph (EEG) device that helps get you to a guided meditative state. Its predecessor tried to help its wearer to reach a deep relaxed state by converting the EEG signal into sounds reflecting the real-time state of your brain, but somehow the auditory cues failed to do that.

The new model uses the same weather-themed sounds but in addition, tracks body movements, breathing and heart rate. For instance, if you move around too much, you will start hearing invisible chimes. The pulse oximeter in the band will now track heart rhythms while your breathing technique will be guided by utilizing both movement and heart rhythms. Though these are now available as individual programs, Muse will soon integrate multiple feedback features into one. “The critical realization was that some people’s minds are just super chaotic,” Muse co-founder Chris Aimone told Wareable. “If you get some neurofeedback device and they need to calm their mind to calm the weather, and you can’t do it immediately, that’s super frustrating.”

Muse acquired Meditation Studio earlier this year and this app offers guided meditation sessions. Muse users can soon this app to further their meditation experience. Muse 2 is available from today at 1,50,000 INR and includes all the app features.