Mask-wearers Relief: No more Face ID

· 1 min read

According to TechCrunch, Apple Watch users will no longer need Face ID to unlock their iPhone without Face ID, all they need to do is to wear their smartwatch. This feature is solution to mask wearing. Each time you get a message you have to key in the 6-digit passcode to read and respond, it can get quite tiresome.

It is already possible to unlock your Mac without password if you are wearing your Apple Watch. Each Apple watch has a passcode security and when you tie your watch to your wrists, the passcode gets validated and that validation stays until you take off your watch. When the phone is unlocked it will buzz the watch to let you know.

In the current times, people are actually wishing for the Touch ID feature to return and Apple might return the feature via the screen. Certain Android smartphones have already implemented the feature, one of the them being Oppo. We are not sure when exactly this new feature will see the light of the day but it might happen soon enough!