Luft QI: A portable way to get fresh air.

· 2 mins read

Indoor air plays a pivotal role in maintaining good health but when it is not good enough what shall be done? Luft QI came up with the answer and designed a portable air purifier that eliminates the impurities existing in the air around you. From your workplace to your home, the indoor air is subjected to more contamination as it includes more gases and toxicity, owing to the lack of ventilation and increased temperature.

Luft QI’s idea is simple and effective, it uses nanoreactor technology to eradicate the toxic chemicals and destroy mold, bacteria and virus. One gets all of these in a compact footprint which can be placed on every tabletop and even your car.

At the size of a soda can, as soon as you give power to the gizmo, the cleansing process of the air around you starts. The use of nanoreactor combined with Photo-Catalytic Oxidation technology effectively kills the harmful bacteria and molds. Instead of HEPA filters, Luft QI’s patented technology used light energy to convert bacteria, pollutants and viruses into totally harmless substances. Unlike other air purifiers, it disintegrates pollutants at the molecular level, thereby making your life and the environment better. If you cannot do anything about the pollution on the streets, you can at least make your life inside much better.