Joint efforts to be made by HeartBit & IBM for wearable ECG Monitor.

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Wearable technology is primarily focusing on making your life healthier in every possible way. All these times, you had access to innumerable devices that can track heart rate but now with HeartBit, you get an extra edge as now you can information on the stress levels of your heart. With the collaboration from IBM cloud and Watson Technologies, this amazing technology has turned into reality.

Although HeartBit mimics an everyday chest strap, its capabilities are beyond a regular heart rate tracking chest strap. The high-quality moisture control fabric of the training top holds the gizmo which collects the electrical signals from your heart in with astounding accuracy.

Attributing to the use of smart technology that resembles a 3 lead 5 sensor ECG monitor, warnings of heart anomalies, arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation can be extracted out of this device. On a broader picture, it helps you train harder and get more intense without damaging your heart in any way.

Unlike a regular chest strap that is capable of taking at most two data points per second, HeartBit can take 10,000 data points as it functions at a frequency range of 2,000 Hz. This means you are always at the receiving end of much precise and accurate data.

IBM’s tie-up plays a major role as their BlueMix cloud service saves the important data. Along with that IBM Watson Data Science creates important charts and reports for the consumers.