It’s time to say goodbye to Hugo Boss’s smartwatch, Touch.

· 2 mins read

The Hugo Boss smartwatch was launched in 2017 in Baselworld and it was the first model of a smartwatch from the designer brand. Lately, for reasons disclosed, the smartwatch has been listed discontinued on and Movado group confirmed the news as well.

Though at 30,000 INR, this was a worthy buy for an Android Wear 2.0 platform, the low number of sales is anticipated to be the primary reason behind this decision. With NFC payments, this looked like a good deal but it still failed.

While Movado group launched various smartwatches from its daughter companies Tommy Hilfiger, Movado itself and Hugo Boss, all in 2017, each of them started the rollout at a very slow pace. The group’s other brands like Coach, Lacoste and Juicy Couture are yet to get their first line of smartwatches.

In addition to that, the high pricing of Baseworld 2018 has made the brand move out of the exhibition and thus decided to have their own shows to launch the new devices further on their own terms.

On the other hand, the soaring success of Fossil has worried Movado Group and we can anticipate the coming moves from the latter to be a game changer. Any further news on the discontinuation topic will be delivered to consumers with any confirmation.