It’s time to be safe always with the use of Rally

· 2 mins read

It’s quite interesting to see how wearable technology is transforming itself into devices that can potentially save you from multiple damages causing factors. Launched on Kickstarter, Rally will help you notifying your friends, family, 911, and even nearby Rally users whenever you need a helping hand out of an emergency.

The device has a very small 1” footprint which allows you to attach it to practically anything namely your phone, clothing as well as a bag. Running on a coin cell battery, it will last for around a year as well.

As soon as someone or something is bothering you, tapping the button rapidly for three times will let Rally users know about your location. As help approaches your way, you would know how far they are.

The check-in feature on the device allows check-ins for a designated time or check in your family along with you. Failure to enter the code, your allowed contacts will receive your GPS location.

What makes Rally amazing is the lack of hidden costs on the device, unlike other devices. It even gives you the option to pay for a monthly subscription if you want to use the emergency service responder.

Reliability of the device is at par excellence as the device is developed and used by the US Army Rangers from 75th Ranger Regiment, the same men who aim at keeping everyone safe.