Is the world seating it out during the lockdown? Garmin is here with numbers!

· 2 mins read

With the onset of the pandemic in November 2019, most of us have spent a better part of 2020 in lockdown. A lot has changed including our work, eating habits as well as our active lifestyle. Though it would seem most of us making the most of this lockdown by binging on all our favorite movies and shows but according to Garmin that is not the case.

People are embracing home workouts and making radical changes to our lifestyles. The published data from March 2020 is compared with 2019, and showcasing the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown – and compared it with 2019 for good measure. People are making changes to their normal workout routines with newer, more innovative alternatives. Let’s take a detailed look: Of course, the daily step count recorded by Garmin devices has dropped drastically over the period, from an average 8700 steps per day to 7700. This drop is seen not just in the US but around the world. But Garmin has recorded a steep rise in walking tagged workouts, yoga as well as indoor cardio workout as people indulge in more and more home workouts, HIIT classes, and so on. There is also a rise in virtual workouts using services like Peloton and Zwift.

Virtual cycling alone went up by 63%. Tracked treadmill runs are hugely down, owing to shutting down of gyms. Nothing about this data is a shocker, but it is interesting that it is consistent across countries and people. Also, though the lockdown might end someday but these habits may stay with us for longer or forever