Is It Possible to Have the Apple Watch on Always-On Display Mode?

ยท 1 min read

In future, you may not have to touch your Apple smartwatch screen every time you want to check the time. A new patent has been filed by Cupertino, discovered by Patently Apple that will enable the smartwatch to be always-on display.

There are two challenges in keeping the smartwatch in display mode all the time. First, having the display on at all times will drain the battery. Second, it could lead to OLED burn-in. It means that having a static image on the display screen could create an imprint of the image on the screen.

The new patent works by adjusting contrast and brightness so that the screen remains invisible to the wearer and prevents burn-in. It is thought that the new patent has a new anti-aliasing technique that smooths out the appearance of images on a curved screen.

If this new technology works right, then we could be seeing Apple Watch Series 4 with always-on display and a larger screen. But we need to wait till the release to see what Apple has to offer in the latest model.