Is Fitbit Ionic 2 the next generation wearable?

ยท 2 mins read

The release of Fitbit Ionic saw the company posing genuine competition threats against the likes of Apple and Garmin. With the reliability of GPS, onboard music, payments through mobile and a water-resistant construction, this is a fitness tracker first and then a smartwatch. Though there are no leaks on stronger grounds as of yet, there is a lot of improvement the world would like to see in the Ionic 2 range.

The design is the primary aspect where the Fitbit Ionic falls behind. The look of a retro watch does not fit right in the cards while the bottom bezel with Fitbit logo takes up space which is not important. Increasing the screen dimension will complement the high-resolution display better.

A sluggish navigation system with slow touch response and slow scrolling, it has been holding back the Fitbit Ionic but we can expect the Ionic 2 to follow the path of Versa which has readily worked on these issues. Unlike the 5-day battery life on its predecessor, the new line might just bring in better juice for the watch, thus more activity for the users.

We can anticipate the use of various new sensors like UV monitor, skin temperature sensor, and galvanic skin response sensor in the new line.

Now doubling up as a smartwatch, Ionic is a long way behind in the race. Lack of features to allow interaction with your notifications and not an advanced music transferring ability is certainly a negative aspect on this. Even it suffered in the fields of having a good OS, which is for sure going to be better in the Ionic 2.

A spring 2019 release and a pocket pinch bit more than Fitbit Versa are what we can expect from Fitbit for the Ionic 2.