Introducing the new Casio GShock GB900 with fitness-tracking features

ยท 1 min read

The new Casio GShock GB900 is now a fitness-tracking smartwatch with some exciting feature which were not available in the previous versions. Casio G Shock is quite known for its sporty build, sturdy structure and also was popular among waterproof watches.

Now, the new Casio G Shock GB900 is another fitness friend from the team. The watch has Bluetooth connectivity that can connect you through a G Shock Move app to display your metrics like running, steps, calorie counts, and few interesting modes. It is a nice watch with good built, but this is not an all-rounder fitness tracker. The watch lacks multiple features like heart rate sensors, SpO2 saturation that a simple fitness band can offer you.

However this is the first step of introducing fitness features into GShock, maybe there can be multiple advancements in the future. The Casio G-Shock GB900 is paving its way to the fitness world and for now, it’s a great looking timepiece with basic fitness tracking.