Improved smartwatches with Qualcomm’s Wear 2500 chip.

· 2 mins read

Snapdragon’s wear 1200 marked a grand entry of the company in the market of wearables for kids and the brand is all set to upgrade the expectations with the Wear 2500. Optimized Android version especially for children, low battery location tracking, latest 4G LTE modem, and sensor hubs are the talked about features on the Wear 2500.

With wear 2500’s geofencing technology now parents would know the location of their children and in addition to that knowledge of when the kid is leaving or entering areas like schools. Also, it will allow the children video chat with their parents when needed and text messaging can come in handy at various times.

NFC for payments, the benefit of Google Assistant or Alexa on the go and support for gestures for added technological protection is aimed at making the life of your kids safer and more active.

Huawei poses as the lead partner with the new platform and it can expect the growing popularity of fitness trackers for children will be put to good use by the tech giants in the market. Qualcomm has decided to create a barrier between the platform of adult smartwatches and kid’s wearables by providing with features suited to meet the demands of a wide range of users.

Qualcomm even promised to adhere to the data laws for children and they will hold on to their remarkable IoT security with the Wear 2500. It will be quite intimidating to see how the world welcomes this change.