If you like it you should put on a smart ring: says Apple A patent has surfaced which indicates Apple has plans on this

· 2 mins read

Apple is exploring the possibilities of a ‘smart ring’, having registered a patent titled, “Devices, methods, and user interfaces for a wearable electronic ring computing device.” VentureBeat stumbled upon the patent that has images of different versions of a possible smart ring as shown below. The picture includes the potential design, features like a rechargeable power source, and a wireless transceiver.

The features for the smart ring may include touchscreen, voice command, hand gestures and a few more. The ring may have a small touch-sensitive area that will enable you to swipe through and access the features. It could possibly have a small dial for physical inputs. There are mentions of a motion sensor to detect complex gestures like a page-turn or the twist of a wrist. The patent, however, does not reveal whether the ring is a standalone device like the Oura Ring or the Motiv smart ring. The ring does not look like a standalone product but something that works with bigger devices like the iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watches. Battery technology is firmly on the agenda.

The patent shows a few possible charging methods like mats, wireless stands as shown in the above image, and the option of a charger that can power up more than one ring at a time. Smart rings are already available in the market and a few start-ups have already proved that they are workable. Amazon is the first tech-giant to have stepped into this area, giving us hope that Apple’s patent will turn into product in the near future.