IDC Reports That Smartwatches Will Lead the Wearables Market in the Next Four Years

· 2 mins read

According to a recent quarterly forecast by International Data Corporation (IDC), Smartwatches will dominate the wearables market into 2022. Ramon T Llamas, research director for IDC’s wearables team, said that Smartwatch operating systems will improve the connection between wearers and other efficient devices and systems.

He also added that Smartwatches will certainly play a vital role in meeting one’s health goals and detecting potential ailments. Favoring the predictions, it is said that Apple will lead the Smartwatch growth in the next few years. Despite its share of the market dipping from its current score of 44.4% to 35.8% in 2022 and despite the struggles Wear OS has endured over the past couple of years, the firm reported that it will have a 19.8% share in four years time. Smartwatches will grow together and as stated by the IDC, it will crush the market positions of other categories such as hearables and smart clothing. It is also expected that the worldwide shipments of wearables will hit 189.9 million by 2022, enormously rising from an expected 125.3 million in 2018.

Currently, Smartwatches frame two-thirds of the total sales. It is also estimated that the present 72.8 million shipped units will grow to a massive 120.2 million by 2022. Smartwatch sales will grow stronger and continue to lead pushing aside other smart wearables. These reports may or may not prove their credibility in future, but definitely makes for an interesting debate.