The use of technology to improve tennis games.

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Smartwatches are the future; these have the potential to run off smartphones from the face of the Earth, once and for all. When you are hoping to play music from your wearable having an access to a Bluetooth earphone is considered to be a must. But the Chinese giant Huawei is planning to make it always accessible with their Huawei Watch 3 slated to release soon.

LetsGoDigital exposed the news about the patent that granted Huawei to make two wireless earbuds placed between the nice bezel and the sturdy straps. Thus, giving users the flexibility to take calls and listen to music on the move.

Spring lock is supposed to hold the two earbuds on both sides of the bezel which can be accessed by the user as soon as it is tapped.

Another design shows how a module will hold the earbuds on the underside of the wrists. Though it’s all rumoured still, a watch with inbuilt earbuds is certainly an intriguing idea.

Huawei Watch 2 2018 was launched recently, hence the launch of the Watch 3 is certainly not knocking on the doors but when it comes out it has to have features and design that can give serious competition to the companies like Apple, Garmin, Samsung, and other giants.

If these are the new features of the Huawei Watch 3, it is certainly going to be unique and a standout in the tech sphere.