Huawei will soon come out with Huawei Watch 3

ยท 2 mins read

According to speculations regarding recent comments by the Huawei CEO, the next smartwatch from the company may come in three different variations.

As per the information obtained, this Chinese multinational tech tycoon has been working on three different variations of the Huawei Watch 3 for their new release. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, we already know from the CEO of Huawei that the company has been working on the development of the third generation of their flagship watch.

It is been speculated that the three versions of the watch will be named Unlimited, Voyage and Anchor respectively. As the name suggests, Unlimited will offer the best features while the other two will serve as the lower and cheaper version of the watch. The tech experts also believe that features like GPS support and 4G LTE connection will play a crucial role in differentiating the variants from each other.

Recently, the upgraded version of Huwaei Watch 2 has been released and the company is planning to make the next big launch in the upcoming future. The names of the variants are not confirmed yet either since the company has kept all the information under a tight rope. So, there is no way other than waiting to see what Huawei 3 has to offer. Till then, keep your fingers crossed.