Huawei to Unveil New Smartwatch with Battery Life

· 1 min read

When asked about the release of the Huawei smartwatch during an interview at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, the CEO Richard Yu responded, “Yes, but it needs more innovation, and we are working on that.” The CEO went on to add, “We want to make bigger improvements and make the experience much better than today. That’s my target. We want to make the smartwatch more useful, more intimate, more functional, and with much longer battery life.”

The biggest challenge for smartwatch makers is to design a battery that provides more power without increasing its size. The current smartwatch batteries provide up to 2 days of use on one charge. Huawei is working on the tech and software to build smartwatches that use less power and still deliver the best performance. Huawei CEO hopes to design a battery that keeps the smartwatch running for a week.

The competitors of this Chinese tech giant have also been working on the smartwatch platform. Google’s smartwatch platform got updates recently. Qualcomm has released its next generation smartwatch chip, which is believed to improve battery life. We hope the performance and design of the Huawei smartwatch are worth the wait!