Huami’s ‘first AI-powered wearable chipset’ with features like ECG and AFib offers tough competition to Apple Watch

· 1 min read

We’ve just seen the release of Amazfit Verge and now, Huami, a Chinese hardware company backed by Xiaomi has come up with an AI-powered wearable chipset. Promoted as the world’s first AI-powered wearable, the Huangshan No. 1 is built with features such as ECG and AFib.

According to Gizmochina, this wearable has four core intelligence engines, ECG, ECG Pro, cardiac biometric engine, and Heart Rhythm Abnormality engine. It is built using RISC-V open source architecture and claims to offer nearly 38% performance boost over the ARM Cortex-M4. So, what is the significance of this wearable? Until now, Apple and Fitbit have been dominating the wearable tech market on one side and Xiomi with its biometrics and budget price tags on the other.

Now, Huami is offering a budget wearable that promises to have the high-end features of the more expensive wearables. The competition in the wearable tech industry is just heating up!