HOVR connected running shoes offers real-time coaching

· 1 min read

Under Armour (UA) has introduced three new pairs of its connected shoes in the market – HOVR Machina, HOVR Infinite 3 and HOVR Sonic 4. These connected shoes will connect up with MapMyRun and help you decide the form required to meet your running goals. These new trainers are lighter and better ventilated when compared to their predecessors.

In addition to distance, pace and time, these performance shoes will track stride length, cadence, foot strike angle and ground contact time. Also, they don’t need charging. UA has been effective in upgrading its platform to incorporate real time coaching, so you now get feedback on your form while you run.

According to UA, a million pairs of its new shoes have already been paired to MapMyRun. Also, based on a study of 87,000 anonymous users, it was found that those using the coaching platform were 7% faster than those who weren’t. You can get the HOVR connected shoes at the following prices: HOVR Sonic 4 – 8,000 INR- HOVR Infinite 3 – 10,000 INR- HOVR Machina 2 – 12,000 INR.