Health-tracking shoes From Alphabet’s Verily

· 1 min read

Verily is the research wing of Alphabet and is devoted to the study of life sciences. They are apparently in the process of designing smart shoes that will help track movement, weight, and detect falls. According to CNBC’s Christina Farr, Verily has already come up with a design prototype, and is looking for a partner to help launch the product in the market.

The shoes feature sensors that can monitor weight changes and thereby, detecting a sudden weight gain. It indicates fluid retention in the body and you can be alerted to the possibility of congestive heart failure. Verily is trying to include fall-detection technology, a feature that will be highly useful for the elderly. Companies like Under Armour and Sensoria have also introduced smart shoes and socks but most of them are focussed on running and fitness.

Startup Siren came up with a pair of socks that alert diabetic patients in case of a foot injury. Verily is in the market for a partner, someone who can translate their design into a product. These smart shoes are aimed at seniors, so that factor will play a part in who Verily eventually ropes in.