Heal the world, make it a healthier place with Apple’s Research app Making the world a healthier place just got a lot easier

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Large-scale research on health has always been an exhausting and expensive process — until now. With Apple’s new Research App that captures users’ health information, activity and movement, the whole dynamics of health study is going to change. The Apple Watch, with its sensors that track users’ movements, heart rate, and other data, is going to be the main platform for this app. The main studies will be on female health, heart health and hearing.

“Participants on the Research app have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact that could lead to new discoveries and help millions lead healthier lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. The hearing study makes use of the new Noise app that came with watchOS 6 and iOS 13. This study is in partnership with the University of Michigan and the World Health Organization. The data on your exposure to environmental noise over time will be collected to determine how it affects your hearing, stress levels and cardiovascular health. Women’s health study, done by Apple in collaboration with Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, works towards understanding how lifestyle and demography affect menstrual cycles and conditions like infertility, menopause and PCOS. The menstrual cycle tracking app that is already available, with the responses from participants through Research app will give data on women’s health that will help in early detection of gynecologic conditions. The fitness and heart health study is done with the American Heart Association and Bringham and Women’s Hospital, affiliated to Harvard Medical School.

The study aims to create data based on physical activity and heart health. This data will help to figure out the factors affecting heart health. Using Apple Watch and iPhone, researchers can give you early warnings on possible heart problems. The app will soon be available to users in the U.S. Apple claims that the app is designed for privacy. The company promises to keep your health information confidential and secure. You can exit the study at any time, and this will stop any data being shared thereafter. This is a unique and ambitious project that is definitely for the good.