H2O Audio launches new swimming headphones Interval for Apple Watch Compatible with Series 2 and above

· 2 mins read

Swimmers can now have the pleasure of training to music or while listening to audiobooks and podcasts. H2O Audio is famous among swimmers for its waterproof headphones. The company has launched swim-headphone ‘Interval’ exclusively for Apple Watches and the duo can be connected via BlueTooth.

The Interval headphone is compatible with Apple Watch Series 2 and above. H2O Audio Interval headphones are easy to use. The Apple Watch is attached to the headphone and then clipped on to the goggles. Short headphone wires makes it convenient to contain the sound system entirely on your head, keeping your arms free of wires. The Interval has convenient push-buttons to control playback and volume when in the water. The Interval headphones can go up to 3.6 meters underwater and has a waterproof rating of IPX8. The shape of the headphone is such that it aligns the earbud with the ear canal for the best quality sound. The ergonomic shear shape makes it a proper fit and gives less drag underwater.

The Interval headphone has an improved bass quality, producing a warm and soothing sound from the watertight earplugs. Interval headphones are available in five sizes of Elastomer earplugs, XS to XL, to ensure a personalised, secure fit for the headphones while swimming. The H2O Audio Interval has a rechargeable battery with six hours of battery life.