Grow interest in running out indoor: Zwift is your solution.

· 2 mins read

Athletes and runners often experience the struggle of running indoors owing to multiple factors as it remains as boring and less intuitive. With Zwift, indoor running can be something breathtaking.

It is a virtual platform dedicated to running and cycling and with this avatars are created for virtual courses. With a wide range of options for the surroundings, the Zwift application combined with a treadmill and footpod can make every running scene much more exciting even at indoors.

Zwift allows you to run and compete with other athletes by taking data from footpods which will be used to set up and power your avatar.

Now, Zwift’s amazing technology will be combined with the MilstonePod as Zwift acquired the running tech business of MilestonePod.

MilsetonePod is a loved device by many runners around the world as the device attaches to your running shoes and serve you as a reliable foot-pod for extracting data out of your running sessions. Zwift targets at making this device better and more interactive by enhancing the responsive feel for sessions both outdoors and indoors.

Zwift now owns MilestonePod and even taken up a part of the design team who developed the game-changer MilestonePod.

Forget skipping the running sessions just because the weather is posing as a challenge, Zwift will serve as your saviour in any given weather.