Google to Bring Widgets to Your Smartwatch

ยท 1 min read

Google is adding “Tiles” to its Wear OS for smartwatches. The Tiles are to help users access the data they want from their watches faster. Essentially, these tiles are similar to the widgets seen on Samsung’s smartwatches. To view them, you need to swipe left from the main watch screen.

The Tiles give you options of Goals, Next event, Forecast, Weather, Heartrate, Timer, Headlines to choose from. You can rearrange the position of the Tiles by simple dragging and placing. More tiles will be added in the future to ensure the user gets easy and quick access to more information.

The Tiles for Wear OS will be seen over the next month, and support will vary based on the phone, the Wear OS smartwatch and user’s location. With Tiles being showcased at the I/O developer conference, we also hope to see the rumoured Pixel Watch soon.