Google Play might be available on various Fossil’s smartwatches

· 2 mins read

Fossil is all set to launch their new line of fourth-generation smartwatches and as seen in the FCC detailing, nine new models with NFC connectivity for contactless payment is their new game. Previously, brands like Michael Kors, Armani and Skagen lacked the support of Google Pay on their smartwatches but Fossil is ready to change the track this time.

As seen on the E labels of the nine models, each of the watches will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 on board along with the same internal hardware on each of these models. Their looks, colours, chassis and straps will differ each one from the other, a smart way of generalizing yet maintaining identity.

What makes this news worth reading is the inclusion of NFC, therefore, a possibility of Google Pay. Fossil seems to have realized the importance of contactless payment late but now hoping to join the party.

Though reasons for being so late is not yet known, assumptions suggest design factor to be the primary reason as Fossil watches are extremely sleek looking. Other possibilities indicate that Fossil wanted the Google Pay feature to be available to all watch owners and not just a few.

The launch of the new line from the famous watchmaker is still not confirmed but appearing on FCC means they are not very far either. The world awaits the launch of the Google Pixel flagship watch and the new smartwatch chip from Qualcomm, both slated to release later this year, the new line from Fossil group might as well be the cherry on top of the cake.