Google Pixel A earbuds to be soon released says rumors

ยท 1 min read

Wireless Earbuds are the most trending modes to listen to music these days, because of their convenience and specs. Resources are hinting that there will be the release of Google Pixel A ear pod or buds soon.

The Google Pixel earbuds will be an improved version of the Google True wireless earpods that was released last year. The description, specs, or feature design is not clear for now. We could only see the sort of regular pair of ear pods like the Google TWS on the image that was accidentally released into the internet market.

The price of the previously released Google TWS earbuds was 13,000INR that was expensive and also the performance did not meet the expectations. Hoping all that will be sorted in their new release ” Google Pixel A buds”, but the price will still keep us skeptical.