Google Fit update for Wear OS and Fossil watches

· 2 mins read

Google has updated Google Fit, so you now get extra insights into steps, wellness and fitness. The update works for Wear OS smartwatches, as well as users of the smartphone app. You will now get more information about your progress against your goals, and will also track how active one has to be based on goals.

Wear OS smartwatches will be presented with two metrics front and center: steps and Google’s Heart Points metric. Heart Points now has a dedicated Tile and is obtained from your active minutes in the week. In order to reach the activity levels earmarked by the WHO and AHA, you are required to hit 150 Heart Points per week. Wear OS smartwatches feature a very Apple Watch like ring, and it starts to fill as you move closer to your goal. Also, the Heart Points progress is displayed in the centre of the ring. You will also find new Tiles for workout and health. You can start a workout straight from Wear OS Tiles, and again, check in on goal progress.

There aren’t big tweaks to write home about but it’s a step in the right direction. Of course, when compared to changes by Fitbit and Apple the developments are minor. But now that Google has acquired Fitbit, let’s hope for more features to Wear OS watches