Google Daydream View for Just 2,500 INR

· 1 min read

Holidays are around the corner and companies are trying to lure customers with attractive offers and price cuts. The first to do so is Verizon, they have slashed the prices for Google headsets by over 50%.

You can now purchase Google Daydream View at really low prices – the 2017 models for 3,000 INR (down from 7,500 INR) and the 2016 models for 2,500 INR (6,000 INR). The difference between the models is not much and the price difference being a meagre 1,000 INR, it makes sense to get the 2017 model. Unfortunately, Google headsets are not compatible with iPhones, but they do support Google Pixel phones and models from Samsung, Huawei, LG and Moto.

Looks like Verizon is doing stock clearance as only the slate version of the 2016 Daydream View and the coral variant of the 2017 model are available. Whatever it may be, you can now get one of the top mobile VR headsets for a steal!