Get accurate blood pressure monitoring results with Apple Watch

ยท 2 mins read

The appeal for the patent on Blood Pressure Monitoring was filed back in 2015 by Apple and now it has been granted as well. Apple holds a different approach while designing their blood pressure monitor for individuals with hypertension. Their patent mainly comprises of a blood pressure measurement system, pressure sensor, multiple expandable cells and an expansion actuator.

Although it is from Apple, a design influenced by the Apple Watch or any smartwatch, in that case, can be totally left out of the equation. There are high chances that the gizmo will resemble a watch band or a cuff. Call it a small BPM or a smart strap, inclusion of Bluetooth and touchscreen is highly probable.

As more than one sensor will be incorporated inside the expandable cells, readings from arm, wrist or even the leg can become a reality. Apple has always been very enthusiastic about playing their part in Blood Pressure Monitoring and previously hinted at developing a smart strap for the Apple Watch that can measure pulse transit time, meaning calculation of blood pressure.

When and how it will come into action still remains inside the clouds but experts are predicting a move by the Cupertino Giants where they will use smart straps for their upcoming Apple Watches. Wearable that influences you to be healthy may soon start to make you healthy.