Gartner: Wearable Tech Market To Grow 26% In 2019

· 2 mins read

Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, predicts that by next year, 225 million wearable devices will be shipped across the globe; an increase of 26% from 2018. Analysts reported that smartwatches are primarily contributing to the growth of the wearable tech market. From 53 million shipped devices to an expected 115 million, the upsurge is phenomenal.

Back in 2014, numerous studies lead to the inference that smartwatches will rise in demand and popularity and the data collected by the firm re-affirms the fact. According to Gartner, a whopping growth is expected in four key areas including children’s smartwatches and medical devices. This is in addition to the obvious growth from tech giants and fashion companies such as Fossil Group. The present structure of wearable tech market might deviate from some assumptions. Hearables are expected to rule the market by 2022. A massive growth from 33 million shipments in 2018 to an expected 158 million in 2022 will help the entire wearable segment to meet its growth metrics. The rise of ear-worn devices will be based on the expansion of voice assistants which are currently dominating the smart homes but haven’t made a jump to becoming mobile. A Gartner spokesperson said that the future generations of hearable devices would be able to accommodate virtual personal assistants and subsequently be used for a multitude of tasks such as queries and hands-free directions. He went on to say that the advanced ear-worn devices can reduce smartphone usage as they will take over many tasks done by smartphones at present.

However, 2018 has seen no new hearables or major advances in the segment. A substantial growth is predicted in head-mounted wearables too. Shipments are expected to rise from 28 million in 2018 to 80 million in 2022. Precisely, all these predictions and reports may or may not prove its credibility. But even if Gartner is only 66% right about hearables, it’s still a bright future ahead for the wearable segment.