Garmin’s Approach CT10 is your new golfing buddy.

· 2 mins read

Technology to track different aspects of your active life is slowly making a huge impression in the world. The Approach CT10 is a new device from Garmin which can be used for full tracking of your Golfing expeditions.

It is a device that will smarty affix itself to the club grip via screw mechanism and track how you are playing the shots, distances covered and even the types of club used. The sensors being extremely lightweight does not affect your game in any way possible and pairs with the Garmin golf watch to record every information.

While you are using this sensor, as soon as you choose a club, the previous starts with this club are out displayed. So, next time you would know which club helped you hit the strongest shot and which was a disappointment.

The Garmin Golf application lets you have a deeper insight into the game by providing you with information on your weak points. This feature allows you to have a comparison with other golfers and tally your results with them. Also, the social platform is where you can connect with your golfing friends and boast about the stats you hit.

These sensors come with an amazing battery life of four years and once it stops working, you can replace it easily without anyone’s help. A pack of as many as 14 sensors are available on the and even a starter pack with lesser features and more affordable pricing might make you better at golf.