Garmin Swim 2 smartwatch for swimmers It has taken five years for this Garmin successor to appear

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Garmin Swim is back with a bang with Garmin Swim 2, which has a new look and the latest technology packed into it. The Garmin Swim 2 has all the features you would ask for in a swimming watch. It has GPS, as is standard with most Garmin watches, and will track distance, pace, SWOLF (to measure your swim efficiency), number of strokes and distance per stroke. A highlight of Garmin 2 is auto-rest, which is similar to auto-pause while running or walking. The tracking pauses when the swimmer takes a break, allowing him or her to rest without having to fiddle with the watch.

For an expert swimmer, auto-rest automatically detects when he or she stops and takes a turn at the wall. Each lap is tracked automatically so that you do not have to press the button at every turn. It has an option for open water swim tracking, which makes this watch the best for those who swim in open waters. Out of the water, Swim 2 can track your running and cycling too. It also monitors your heart rate, tracks your sleep, and count your steps. With its body-battery feature, it can measure your stress level and energy reserve. Swim 2 is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. On the design front, Garmin Swim 2 has a 42mm case with 1-inch round screen. The five buttons around the case controls functions in the watch. It has a transflective MIP display unlike the AMOLED display in Garmin Venu. Swim 2 has waterproof silicone straps which is an improvement from the plastic strap its predecessor came with. The watch has a 5ATM waterproofing which means you can go down to 50 meters underwater.

The battery life is claimed to be 7 days for smartwatch mode. But the use of GPS and optical heart rate monitor reduces this to 13 hours. Whereas, the pool mode keeps the watch on for 72 hours on a single charge. While it comes with the pros of features like notification support, step counting and sleep tracking, the cons attached are that it doesn’t have a built-in music player and Garmin Pay. You have two colour choices for Swim 2 — slate and whitestone. It is priced at 27,000 INR. Garmin’s previous swim watch, Swim, though not great in design was extremely accurate in tracking. Swim was released in 2014, and Swim 2 which rolled out after five years, is for sure better on that front.