Garmin Fenix 5 will have Galileo Support Network.

· 2 mins read

A new firmware for Fenix 5 marks the entry of Galileo Support Network in the line of Fenix wearables. Galileo joining hands with GPS and GLONASS means highly-reliable navigation system can be expected on the new firmware. Even more surprising, the update will also notify or alert you every-time it detects an irregular heart rate from your end.

European Union through the platform of European Space Agency has been in the business for creating this amazing global navigation system and hopes to create total domination over all the European Nations in the near future. It is even in news Galileo’s current number of 22 satellites will hit 30 soon.

Taking about the alert on abnormal heart rate, installation of the update will give you access to the new heart rate widget which will store the Abnormal HR Alert option. The functionality mimics that of an Apple watch which alerts as soon as it detects an increase in heart rate from the threshold value which you have entered before. This abnormal heart rate is primarily based on the time when you are sleeping and not while you are working out or involved in any activity.

Available in Beta, for now, the update will be released soon and can even be downloaded now from various links available online. We can even expect the update in Forerunner 935.