Garmin Edge Explore: A GPS computer for your cycling sessions.

ยท 2 mins read

Garmin is riding at an amazing pace and has been creating devices that can actually give a new meaning to active life. Edge Explore from Garmin is their new addition to the market which is a bicycle computer that has bike specific routes, GPS tracking, a touch screen display and above all features that will elevate awareness when you choose to conquer a busy road.

On this gizmo, you get the benefits of navigation for each turn and even can help you get home if you get into wrong routes with the TrackBack feature. The Course Creator on the Garmin Connect application will help you even choose a route and download various suggestions.

The safety features on the Edge Explorer are as amazing as you can expect. It allows you to connect it with RTL511 bike radar that will alert you on incoming traffic from behind. Also, it has UT800 smart lights which light up the road ahead of you and amazingly adjusts itself based on your speed. It will also try and keep you safe by sending your location to the emergency contacts if you encounter any accident.

If that was not enough, Edge Explorer keeps you connected to the world by displaying text messages on the screen, has rider-rider messaging, and features like Group Track and Live Track.

You can pick it up for 18,000 INR and enjoy an unaltered service for 12 hours straight with activated GPS.