Garmin and Fitabase Collaborate for Health Research

· 1 min read

Garmin is going to help health analytics company Fitabase with their health research by sharing data from its wearables. This partnership means that researchers who use Fitasbase platform for pertinent health related data will now have access to the huge database fuelled by multi-sport watches, fitness trackers and other wearables from Garmin.

This data can be used to increase the accuracy in health studies. For example, Signe de Place Knudsen, a PhD Fellow in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Copenhagen University, uses the data from Garmin devices connected to the Fitabase platform in a study connecting physical activity during pregnancy to maternal and child health. “Much of today’s research is based on episodic health data or patient memories,” said Travis Johnson, Garmin Health’s global product lead.

“The objective is that continuous data from Garmin wearables provides researchers a comprehensive window into activity, heart rate, sleep, and even pulse ox data that may help to better understand the relationship between lifestyle behaviors and health outcomes.” Apple and Fitbit were already doing their bit in aiding health research, so Garmin following suit is no surprise. It is a great initiative and is a boon for the scientific community.