Free Screen Repair for Apple Watch

· 2 mins read

Apple has announced a free repair programme for the broken screen of certain models of its smartwatches. Some of the models of Apple’s smartwatches are prone to screen breakage and Apple has announced a free repair program for those watches, directly or through its authorized dealers. The models that are eligible for the scheme are aluminium Series 2 and Series 3.

Please note that Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 4 do not come under this repair program. The Series 2, Nike+ Series 2, Series 3(GPS-only and GPS+cellular), and Nike+ Series 3 (GPS-only and GPS+cellular)) are the models recalled for repair. However, for Series 3, only the watches bought through September 2019 will be repaired. The problem to be resolved is a crack along the curved edges of the screen of the watch which may or may not damage the whole screen under certain circumstances. The repair program for Series 3 is covered only for the models sold till September 2019. This probably means that Apple has fixed the problems for all the watches made after that or it can also be assumed as a step to stop the production of Apple Watch Series 3 ahead of its event on September 10. Apple Watch Series 5, the latest model from the Apple company is expected to be launched on that day. Apple Watch Series 5 may not be having major design changes as such.

Although, it is expected that the inclusion of a few new features with the upgraded Operating System, Watch OS 6, may happen. More details on the cracks, eligibility of various models for the repair program and how to get it repaired can be found on Apple’s website. The program will be open for a year or for three years from the date of the purchase — whichever is longer.