France says NO to using smart devices in school

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While the world is witnessing an unprecedented rise in smartphones, smartwatches and smart devices in our everyday lives, it was a different law from the French government that raised a few eyebrows around the globe.

France has decided to ban the use of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches in school for kids ranging between the ages of 3 to 15 years old. With the start of the new term in September, the law will come into the act where children will have to either keep the devices powered off or leave it at back home.

Disabled and differently-abled pupils will not be affected by this law. Even the law will not be valid at times of extracurricular activities and pedagogical uses. The schools that have students of the age 15 and older will get an option to choose a partial ban as well.

Emanuel Macron, the President of the country did not delay a single day in tweeting about the law as he kept his words which he promised during his campaigns.

On a broader prospect, the law is designed to tackle the rising population of children getting affected by smartphone addiction. Studies have shown how every second kid feels addicted towards his/her phone which in turn will do more harm than good to the society.

Back in 2010, France passed another law that restricted the use of smartphones during all kinds of teaching activity.