Fossil to make Michael Kors Smartwatches More Sporty

· 2 mins read

Smartwatches by the Fossil group have always been fashionable, but now, the company is working on making these smart watches look sportier. The chairman and CEO of Fossil Group, at the group’s 2019 Q1 earnings call stated that its Kors brand would focus on smartwatches with a platform that is more sport, health and wellness oriented.

He hopes for this to be a gamechanger for smartwatches. With this move towards sportier watches, triggered by the popularity of the Fossil Sport model launched in 2018, Fossil hopes for its smartwatches to rival the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Fitbit’s range of smartwatches. Fossil’s Chief commercial and strategy officer Greg McKelvey said the Fossil Sport was a best seller and they now want to improve the sports platform with more lightweight metals and latest technology across their various brands. With this, they hope to reach a larger market.

The excellent performance of the Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch has also encouraged the group’s move. McKelvey also says that they are bringing back many platforms that are more likely to meet the customer’s expectations. Even though they saw a decline in Q1 this year, Fossil is not giving up on their smartwatches, but instead, there will be more new designs later this year.