Fossil Group signs in BMW for launching its smartwatches in 2019.

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What comes to your mind when we say BMW? Of course luxury cars and bikes, but now BMW has decided not to limit themselves to that particular sector only. The new deal of BMW with Fossil Group brings in great news of the launch of a new line of smartwatches in 2019. While the features and specifications cannot be predicted as of yet, the watch will be available in various BMW centers and Fossil Group stores.

Fossil is a proud parent company of multiple luxury watch brands like Michael Kors, Diesel, Mark Jacobs, Misfit from the list, their latest agreement with BMW is pretty amazing.

BMW has a history of building remote applications from multiple watch brands like Motorola and Samsung but with Fossil manufacturing their new range we can expect some appealing features.

On the exterior, you cannot go wrong with the premium finish from Fossil watches as they have luxurious design blended with AMOLED screen and stylish outlook. The BMW branded watch is expected to get this patented look from Fossil with a Wear OS platform, built-in GPS, Heart rate tracking, Google Assistant and obviously many other features.

Also, BMW centric remote functions are quite easy to expect on the smartwatch and in the later times, the release of BMW hybrid watches cannot be ruled out. The hybrid watches will have many impressive features and standout designs which will make them sit at the top of the charts. Before BMW it was Puma who got another deal of Fossil and signed a contract with them to launch their range of smartwatches in 2019.