For shaping a better future, Polar Beat is great in its own way

· 2 mins read

If heart rate based training and exercise is what fancies you, then Polar Beat has developed this amazing application that can track BPM well. Polar is known for their supremely effective heart rate monitors and if you have one, then their newest invention will add you a lot of benefits.

Polar Beat is the companion application for heart rate monitors Polar H10, H7 or the OH1 HR armband and their target is adding more insights to the application so that exercises based on heart rate monitoring can become useful.

Polar has added four new exciting features to the Polar Beat and each of them is useful in their own way. Fitness Test is an efficient technique of tracking your current fitness level and takes about five minutes for the test to be completed. The primary effect of your workout along with real-time guidance can be tracked by the Energy Pointer. Benefit Target on the other hand is aimed at guiding you with voice commands about your progress towards the goal you have set. Lastly, you have “Running Index” which gives you speed and heart rate with scores, thus deeper insight into the running stats and efficiency.

All of these amazing features will be available across both Android and iOS platforms and the company are even adding appealing colours to their line of HR chest-straps and armband. Polar’s new target will certainly make them strong contenders in the wearable competition.