Fitness With Fitbit: New And Updated

· 2 mins read

Your everyday fitness goals have got a facelift – Fitbit Charger 3 is now available with a new software update. Along with the new running-centric features and a few bug fixes, they are also adding a Run Detect feature. It brings auto-pause and auto-stop support for its customers which will do away with the need to manually pause your workout whilst crossing a road.

Windows Smartphone users can now receive and view notifications on the Charge 3’s display. When you meet your target, look for a birdie goal celebration. You can also choose from a range of new attractive clock faces. The Fitbit Charger 3 doesn’t run on Fitbit OS, but is based on something that’s entirely different from Fitbit’s smartwatches. Having said that, they are trying to offer you a Smartwatch experience on its flagship tracker, though without the capability to download and use apps.

This new release should be praised for all its jaw-dropping features like fitness tracking support, big battery life and sleep tracking features. It has an attractive design and is waterproof which helps in swim tracking Customers can now make contactless payments through Fitbit Pay, but only with the special edition. Fitbit Charger 3 is an advanced fitness tracker packed with neat and brilliant features.